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Water Service Repairs

Water Service Leaks

Water leaks, burst water pipes and concealed leaks. Often you can have a leaking pipe and not be aware of it until you get your next water bill.

At Active Plumbing we can trace and find a concealed leak in the ground or in a wall. Our leak tracing specalists use the latest leak tracing and finding equipment. Often the leaking section of pipe can be pinpointed to a very small area, illuminating the need to expose large sections of a wall to locate the leak. Once found we can repair, re rout or replace the damaged section of pipe. We only use quality table “B” Copper pipe and new fitting and crimping or use silver brazing process to join pipes. We can also repair plastic pipe we use and recommend the rehau plastic pipe and suitable fittings. All repair work is covered for your piece of mind under our 18 months written guarantee.

If the water cannot be shut off we can freeze the line to stop the flow of water whilst doing a repair, this is this method is used to stop the water flow, to carry out repairs, where a main tap is inaccessible, or it is implacable to shut it down pipes from 15mm to 100mm can be shut off using this method.

Common occurances for water leaks A nail in a pipe or a screw.

A split pipe this can be caused from a pipe being frozen, or copper corrosion.

Tree root caused pipe to split as the tree root grows it expands forcing the pipe up and eventually the pipe splits and leaks this would be classed as a consealed leak.

Above the pipe has been repaired total section removed soft solder joints removed and a new copper section installed and joints done with silversolder brazing using oxy and acetaline also the root have been removed. We can now put a written 18 months gaurantee on this work.

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