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Drain Pipe Cleaner


The team of drain pipe cleaners at Active Plumbing have been clearing drain pipes of roots and debris and replacing collapsed and broken pipes for so many years. Our professional plumbers can provide a fast solution to your drainage issues with the use of the latest high-tech plumbing tools, coupled with years of experience in cleaning clogged up drains. We make sure that you’ll get impressed with our friendly go-getter attitude. To ensure leaving you with a big smile on your face, we clean up the mess afterwards.


We can use high-pressure water to dislodge piping blockages, including tree roots. The process, known as hydro jetting, also flushes out silt, sand, and concrete debris. Rotary cable machines can also be used. If needed we can organise a specialist to locate the origin of the blockage, possibly using our latest digital equipment camera. For your convenience, we can record the entire inspection in high definition to a USB flash drive. If the problem is a faulty pipe, we identify the exact location of the problem, including and its depth, using a radio frequency locator.
If we found that tree roots re grow aggressively after drain pipe cleaning, we will treat the pipes with a foam that kills the roots while leaving the shrub or tree unharmed. Your drain pipe should be free from roots for months after this process providing your pipes are not damaged. If the blockage is more severe or the pipe has been severely damaged, we can organise to have a specialist locate the area that requires repair using the locator. We’ll dig up and correct the problem with minimal mess.


Drain systems are designed to take the waste and water away from your home and processed it elsewhere before being released back into the environment. Drain clogs should never be neglected or put off the next day as it can cause a backup of sewage into your home, yard, driveway, or in the case of stormwater, can create flooding.
Also, ignoring clogs in your drain pipe can result in a costly cleanup, decrease the pipe life, and increase the size of cracks and chips. Without proper care of your drain pipes, you may need to spend thousands of dollars for pipe replacement in the future.

Call Active Plumbing today and let our drain pipe cleaner do the job right the first time. With the expertise of our drain pipe cleaner professionals and the cleaning power of our state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that your drain pipes are maintaining their strength and life.

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