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Toilet Repairs

Access to a functioning toilet is one of the basic necessities most of us take for granted. Whether it’s a simple leak or flushing problems, a broken toilet is a major inconvenience that’s disruptive to our daily routine.

Toilet repairs can range from worn-out parts that need replacement to a serious blockage in the pipes. Determining the root cause of the problem requires thorough inspection and testing. To ensure that the problem is resolved promptly and efficiently, contact your local licensed plumber for professional assistance.

What are the most common toilet repairs?

Common toilet problems most homeowners face include:


    Most clogs can be easily resolved with a plunger or liquid drain cleaner to dislodge or clear the blockage. If that doesn’t work, the blockage might be deep in the pipes, which would require a professional plumbing inspection to root out the cause of the clog.


    A leaking toilet often require immediate attention as they can cause extensive damage to your floors if left unattended. Identifying the cause of a leaking toilet can be tricky—it can range from malfunctioning parts to a cracked toilet tank to loose connections between the tank and toilet bowl.


    If the toilet is not flushing at all, the problem is most likely a faulty component in the toilet tank or insufficient water in the tank.


    Toilet cistern repair

    If the toilet cistern is very old and it is a plastic cistern, the toilet cistern may need to be replaced with a modern style dual flush style cistern. Most quality cisterns come with a new seat and link, so as well as repairing the problem they will improve the appearance of your toilet, also a good idea to replace the filler pipe and the mini tap with a 1/4 turn type often these components can also leak at a future time, if the pan is old best to use a cistern with a 6, 3 litre capacity flush. To use a lower capacity cistern you would also need to change the toilet pan.

If you spot any of the following signs, there’s a good chance you’re in need of toilet repairs:

  • Unusually high water bills
  • Water leaks around the toilet area
  • A constant flow of water from the tank  or cistern  into the toilet bowl
  • The toilet tank keeps running
  • Sewage-like odours

How do you fix a toilet that won’t flush?

Depending on the severity of the problem, there are a number of reasons your toilet isn’t flushing properly.

  • The flush isn’t working at all
    If nothing happens when you press down on the flush handle or button, you’ll need to check all the components in the tank. Start by checking that the handle isn’t too loose or too tight. Next, inspect the connection between the lift chain and the lift arm. If those two components are not properly connected or are defective, the flapper or outlet valve  will not work properly, which affects the flushing mechanism.
  • The toilet is only flushing partially
    If the toilet starts flushing when you press the handle or button but stops mid-flush, check that the lift chain isn’t loose. Next, make sure that the flapper or outlet valve  is installed correctly. Finally, check that there is sufficient water in the tank. A defective filler valve can cause the water flow to be cut off before the tank is filled up. Another possibility is a clog or blockage  in the toilet. This will need further investigation as the clog could be deep in the pipes.

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