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Gas Heater Safety Inspection in Sydney

Rental Properties connected to a gas service supply line that contains Gas appliances, gas heaters, gas hot water heaters, or gas stoves. These appliances must be properly maintained by a licensed or registered gas fitter. If the gas appliances are not maintained correctly, they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Heater Safety Inspection in Sydney
Gas Heater Safety Inspection in Sydney
Gas Heater Installation in Sydney

Rental providers or landlords who enter into a new rental agreement after 29 March 2021, or have a fixed-term agreement of more than five years that rolls over into a periodic tenancy after 29 March 2021 must confirm the following:

  • Have gas safety checks conducted every two years.
  • A gas safety check has been completed within the last 2 years whilst a renter occupies the rental premises (and if it hasn’t, the rental provider must arrange a gas safety check as soon as possible).
  • Records will need to be kept for the gas heater safety inspection in Sydney and provide details if the renter requires, disclosing the date of the last gas safety check, and any recommendations from the safety check before entering into any rental agreement.
  • A gas safety check of all gas installations and fittings on the premises will need to be conducted every two years by a Victorian licensed or registered gasfitter who has endorsed in the specialised class of Type A gas appliances servicing work (Gas Serving Type A on the Plumbers Identity Card). A licensed gas fitter is a plumber with extra qualifications to safely complete gas work and is registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

What the Gas Heater Safety Inspection in Sydney Covers (From a Technical Perspective)

A gas safety check means:

a) The following gas installation checks-

  • The LPG cylinders and associated gas components are installed correctly.
  • Appliance gas isolation valves are installed where required by AS/NZS 5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time.
  • Gas appliances and their components are accessible for servicing and adjustment.
  • The gas installation is electrically safe.
  • Clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces are in accordance with installation. Instructions and AS/NZS5601.1 “Gas installations”, as published or amended from time to time.
  • There is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely.
  • Gas appliances (including cookers) are adequately restrained from tipping over.
  • The condition of gas appliance flue systems, including chimneys is proper.
  • Gas appliances are in the right condition for evidence of certification.

(b) testing gas installations for leakage; and

(c) servicing gas appliances as follows –

  1. A clean of all dust and debris from appliances including burner, pilot, fan, filters, and air intakes.
  2. A check of the integrity of the heat exchanger.
  3. A check of the gas supply and appliance operating pressures.
  4. A check that the gas appliance burner ignition is reliable and complete.
  5. A check for any gas appliance flame abnormality.
  6. A check of the operation of the gas appliance, including safety devices.
  7. A combustion spillage test in accordance with Appendix F of AS4575 “Gas appliances— Servicing of Type A appliances”, as published or amended from time to time, after service or repair of the heater.


The gas fitter should provide a record of the gas safety check. The document must include:

  • The full name and business details, including the licence or registration number, of the gas fitter who did the check
  • The date the safety check was conducted
  • The results of the check, including any servicing and repairs required and actions taken to address any repair.


Your record of a gas heater safety inspection in Sydney can be either of the following:

  • A compliance certificate (if applicable)
  • A document from the licensed gas fitter who carried out the safety check.

If you have further gas work carried out after the check, you must also keep the compliance certificate or tax invoice relating to that work.

Records must be kept by you, including details of the licensed gasfitter, until a record of the next safety check is created.

A copy of the most recent gas safety check must be provided to the renter within seven days after the rental provider receives a written request from the renter.

Note: If the rented premises is a newly built property house or apartment it may not be necessary to conduct a separate gas and electrical safety check. See gas and electrical safety checks for newly built homes.


A licensed gas fitter is a plumber who has extra qualifications to complete gas work safely and is registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

You should ask to see the card that says the plumber is qualified to carry out gas fitting works.

Note: Registered plumbers who are engaging in specialised classes of plumbing must be under the supervision of a person licensed in the specialised class.


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