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Plumbing Inspection

Are you planning to buy a house or a property? We recommend obtaining a Plumbing Inspection combined with Building Inspection Report. Active Plumbing professional inspectors can provide you with a written inspection report detailing the condition of your property. During our plumbing inspection, we check all taps, fixtures and fittings, gas leaks, drainage water issues, water leaks, hot water heater, pressure test water pipes and other plumbing services. We also can do camera inspection through your sewer and stormwater lines.


Blocked sewer underground pipe repair can be quite costly and usually hidden to most consumers buying a property. It is even a hidden factor to most professional building inspectors. When a vendor sells a property, they often do everything to maximise sales. There could be some signs of blocked sewer underground pipe and smells, but a vendor typically does whatever it takes to unblock the pipe temporarily and eliminate odours. Most inspection companies are not liable for plumbing problems as they are covered under the building agreement, which both parties signed before the inspection. Without a thorough inspection of the property, you won’t know the plumbing issues at hand.


At Active Plumbing, we offer comprehensive plumbing inspections as part of our full range of home and building assessment and reporting solutions for home and business owners. Our qualified plumbing inspection professionals are equipped with the latest technology to identify cracks, blockages, and leaks that may result in expensive repair bills shortly. If we found plumbing defects during our comprehensive property assessment, we’ll give you advice and offer you an estimate on the repair cost, allowing you to negotiate with the vendor before finally buying the property. Contact or send us an online booking request for fast reply, friendly service, and down to earth advice.


At Active Plumbing, we pride ourselves on our skillset to offer a complete range of home and building inspection services, far beyond the scope of a basic pre-purchase report. Your future home’s plumbing should never be overlooked. Call our plumbing inspection specialists today before you sign that contract. Our cost-effective plumbing and property report can save you thousands of dollars in the future, giving you complete peace of mind. With our affordable residential solutions, there’s no reason not to call our plumbing defects inspection team right now to book an appointment or book online.

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