Other Services

Other Services by Active Plumbing

  • Water Tanks and recycling green plumbing.

    We can install a new water tank for you to help you harvest rain water for household usage connect tank water to the home and also use the use in combination of your existing water connection. Re cycling waste water from the laundry can also be done using modern approved recycling methods. See our product range for more details

  • Handyman Services.

    Some times going hand in hand its good to have a good handyman around to take care of those tricky installations of say a new basin or when installing a dishwasher the cupboard may need modifying to fit the new appliance or a gas cook top the bench top may need modifying for the new appliance. Click for more

  • Pre Purchace Plumbing Inspections.

    You could save thousands with our pre purchace inspection service Before you sign on the dotted line have your new property checked for costly plumbing defects.

  • Bathroom Refurbishments. Click here.