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Emergency Plumber

Plumbing & Gas Emergency

In an Emergency one of our plumbers emergency team will be at your door as quick as possable usually within the hour.*

Things to do if you have an emergency which requires urgent attention.

If you have a water leak of any kind first thing to do turn off the water. Then ring us on 1300 462 284.

How do I shut off the water?

  1. If it is hot water there will be a shut off tap usually at the base of the hot water heater turn it clockwise and then turn on a hot tap to release the pressure from the hot water heater. If it is the hot water heater which is leaking same procedure also turn off the power to the heater you will find a switch in the meter box, for a gas unit a gas tap will be at the base of the heater turn the valve so the lever is across the direction of the pipe.
  2. For cold water , there will be a shut off valve at the meter turn the tap clockwise , if the leak is inside the home turn on a external hose tap on so the water runs out side ,also turn power off or gas supply to your hot water heater.
  3. If you are in a home unit, your shut off valve for cold water will usually be under the laundry tub low down on a laundry wall or under the kitchen sink in a corner usually low down far left or right. Turn it clockwise, and then turn on a tap at the lowest point usually the bath to release the pressure in the pipes. In a factory unit usually a Stop valve will be outside near the front door.

If your drains are blocked and overflowing or surcharging

  1. Stop using water do not flush toilets or do the washing. Then call Active plumbing 1300 462 284.

If you have no hot water if the water coming out of the hot tap is not hot.

  1. If your hot water heater is big taller than 1.4 meters and it is electric it is likely it is on off peak ring your electricity supplier there number will be on your electricity bill. It is likely that the off peak is not working. Once you have spoken to your supplier and they have checked the off-peak switch in your meter box and it is all ok it is most likely that there is a fault with the heater in that case call active plumbing 1300 462 284.
  2. If your hot water heating unit is gas and your other gas appliances are working fine then call Active Plumbing.

Emergency Information Victoria

Gas APA Group 1800 808 526
Gas Origin Energy 1800 676 300
Gas SP Ausnet 136 707
Gas Multinet 132 691
Electricity Jemena 131 626
Electricity United Energy 132 099
Electricity Citipower (Powercor) 131 280
Electricity Powercor 132 412
Electricity SP Ausnet 131 799

Emergency Information NSW
Gas Jemena Gas Networks 131 909
Gas Multinet 132 691
Electricity Integral 131 003
Electricity Energy Australia 131 388
Electricity Country Energy 132 080

If your home has suffered damage also call your insurance company.
* Subject to availability and service area.

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