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Vanity Basin

A vanity basin is a very important plumbing fixture in your bathroom. It provides counter space for you to get ready in the morning. It also conceals the water supply and drain pipes that service it. Active Plumbing specialises in vanity basin installation and can find the best design to suit your requirements. Our years of experience in bathroom vanity basin installation or replacement can offer you a bathroom appliance that works just as well as it looks.

Along with our expertise and the right tools, the entire process is quite simple. We will extend your hot and cold water supplies to the location of the proposed unit from the nearest line. We will then join the drainage to the waste pipes. Once the unit is connected, your new bathroom vanity basin and counter is good to use.


Even the slightest mistake of the vanity basin installation could lead to many serious problems, such as a leaking bathroom vanity basin. A simple leaking could lead to some detrimental issues down the road, so it is critical to prevent such issue and get a professional from Active Plumbing to do your basin installation. We can transform the look of your bathroom, hide clutter and upgrade to a new vanity basin. If you are looking for basin installation experts, call us today.


Basin resurfacing is a process whereby basins and sinks can be repaired and offered a new surface. The process is sometimes called basin refinishing, re-glazing or re-enamelling. It can produce an immediate and dramatic transformation, providing old and damaged surfaces a finish similar to what you can see in the showroom. The work can either be done without removal or in a workshop whichever is more convenient to you.


If you are planning of a bathroom renovation and you appreciate the appearance and functionality of your vanity basin, you may want to consider resurfacing. The most popular basin resurfacing are cast iron pedestal basins and built-in vanities. Pedestal basins can give you a distinctive period of appurtenance while the built-in vanities come with hardwood cabinetry for which a close-fitting replacement top is invisible.


If you are building your dream vanity basin or giving your much loved old vanity basin a makeover, Active Plumbing will provide a full vanity basin installation service. We can help you realise you vision, provide your vanity basin the feel and practicality you need and add value to your bathroom. We specialise in full vanity basin plumbing service. Contact us today and we will be happy to serve you.

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