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Leak Detection

Leaks may cause damage to your property if left unattended and cost you more money for the water or gas that you actually haven’t used. Worst, they can put your health and life at risk. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid those things by just contacting Active Plumbing water and gas leak specialists who have an excellent record in finding leaks. Our success in leak detection is driven by our years of plumbing experience, we partner with expert specialists with extensive knowledge in leak detection and use of the latest non-intrusive leak detection testing methods.

Our specialsts have the most advanced techniques in leak detection include thermal imaging, hydrogen tracer gas, radio pipe location, acoustic, drains CCTV, and hydrogen pressure testing. We can detect the cause of the leakage through multi-testing investigations and provide the best solutions for you.

Professional Water Leak Detector

Our specialists, specialise in water leak detection in concrete, under paving, walls, showers, and underground. Our experience combined with the most advanced leak detection equipment allow us to make sure the leak is located as fast as possible with minimal, if there’s any, damage to your property. Detecting the leak right the first time can help you save money as Active Plumbing take the guesswork out of the equation. Once our expert leak detection specialist is done with the job, we then offer you the best available solution for a quick and efficient fix.

Water leaks are costly due to the amount of water being lost and even more expensive if not fixed correctly as it can further damage your property. It is important that water leaks be found early to avoid costly structural repairs to the property. Using our specialised equipment, we can locate the leak quickly whether behind walls or under floors.

Professional Gas Leak Detection Services

Gas leaks are also something that we can find and fix fast and efficiently. Gas smell in the property and high gas bills could mean internal or external gas leak. In the worst case, residents will feel unwell and headachy due to gas leaks and carbon monoxide spillage. Our gas fitters can locate the source of leaks fast even the smallest of gas leaks and carbon monoxide spillage. We also offer a complete gas safety check which includes repair and maintenance service on your gas appliances and gas pipes to ensure the safety of your property.

Accurate, Non-Destructive Leak Detection

Finding the possible cause of leaks may be challenging for new plumbers, but specialists at Active Plumbing are experts in leak types and possible causes. There can be many causes of leaks as they can occur from the outset during and after construction. Our professionals can pinpoint locations of water leaks accurately with minimal to zero damage of your property.

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