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Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection


Worry of paying a lemon? The solution is to get a pre purchase plumbing inspection. Most houses we inspected have one or more plumbing problems whether it is tree roots in sewer pipes or stormwater, water hammer, or rusting water heater. Our pre purchase plumbing inspection reports include water supply pressure test, gutters and downpipes status, video recording of sewer pipe and stormwater inspection with the use of a CCTV Drain Camera, surface water inspection for adequate drainage, ventilation system inspection, hot water heater status (including its life expectancy), checking conditions of water line; vanities and pipes below; taps, mixers and fixtures; sinks and tubs; and toilet and cistern.


Most people often neglect to consider plumbing when purchasing a home. You may become one of those individuals who thought they were lucky to buy a property only to find out that the amazing facade held lots of secrets. These secrets are often problems with plumbing, which may need thousands of dollars in repairs. It has frequently been happening to people who purchased older properties. Think about how long the plumbing systems of your older properties have been installed. Another thing to consider is to know whether licensed plumbers installed the plumbing systems.


Buyers need to carry out due diligence with the hype around buying and selling properties. A pre purchase plumbing inspection will ensure that your dream house does not become a nightmare. A full inspection report will give you a peace of mind. Any problems being identified can be used to negotiate a deal on reducing the price of the property. The full plumbing reports can help you make a decision whether to continue the transaction at a lower price or walk away from it.

Licensed plumbers at Active Plumbing are fully experienced to provide a full inspection report. Now that the property market is heating up, it is even more important to undertake your due diligence with a pre purchase plumbing inspection.

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