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Toilet Cistern Replacement

Are you seeing or suspecting that your toilet is leaking? Are you experiencing a blocked toilet? Is your toilet cistern needed a replacement or any kind of repair? Look no further as we can repair or replace your toilet as early as today. Our all-day service allows us to repair or replace your cistern at a convenient time for you. Active Plumbing’s service vehicles carry an extensive range of parts to repair and service most commonly used models and makes of toilet cistern. It means that we can fix your toilet cistern on the spot. Our service vans also carry a dual flush cistern, which we can offer as an alternative to having a toilet replacement.


When you’ve got a problem with your toilet cistern that needs to be taken care right away, you don’t want just anybody doing it. You need to call professional and licensed plumbers to get the job done right the first time. If you choose Active Plumbing to take care of your toilet cistern problem, you’ll get a peace of mind knowing that you’re attending toilet professional can assess the actual condition and cause of the issue, then do the most efficient repairs to solve it. Our service vans carry parts of your cistern, pipes or bowl, so your attending toilet professional should have everything that is needed to repair or replace your toilet cistern correctly.


A dual flush toilet cistern has two buttons, which are intended for a full flush and a half flush. It is designed to save water when a full flush is not required. Older toilet cisterns consume approximately ten litres of water per flush, while modern units with dual flush cistern use between four and six litres for a full flush or three litres for a half flush, saving you more litres of water every day. If you experience a leaking cistern, it may be the right time to replace a new unit to reduce water usage and save a significant amount of water.


Sometimes, it is more cost efficient to replace the entire toilet suite rather than just replacing the cistern. A toilet suite has a bowl and cistern. Common toilet problems include a constantly running cistern, blockages, a leak from the base of the bowl, and flushing malfunction. A professional plumber at Active Plumbing will be able to determine whether you need a toilet suite replacement or just a cistern replacement. We can repair toilet parts, such as cistern inlet valve and outlet valve, bowl and the seat. However, if we find that toilet cistern replacement is not practical or not possible, we will suggest the entire suite to be replaced.

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