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Repiping Specialist


For professional and expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repairs, you can never go wrong with Active Plumbing’s satisfaction guaranteed service. We have the latest technology to find any leaks behind walls, underground or under floors. We take pride from providing quality service for all your plumbing needs. Our experienced and licensed plumbing service team is available to assist you regardless.


Leaking pipes in your home or business whether in the wall or under the building can be costly if not taken care the right away. The solution to this problem is to re pipe your property. Fixing or patching a leak can only give you a temporary solution. Copper pipe will continue to leak once it begins to form pinhole leaks. It becomes corrosive and brittle over time. Leaks can cause water damage to flooring, drywall and your building or home, which may cost you thousands of dollars.


The plumbing of your property is a necessity, so it is vital to ensure that it is doing the job. Wear and tear over time is one of the main reasons for plumbing problems to take place. Leaks, unstable water pressure, rusty-looking or tasting water are indications that you should upgrade your pipes to modern standards and significantly improve your plumbing system. Repiping is a permanent solution to leaking pipes in your walls and slab from corrosive copper. We can repipe in just one day using a system that comes with a great warranty.


When piping gets so old, this is the time that you rely on the re-piping, also known as re plumbing. You should not ignore the signs of faulty pipes as doing so will only cause severe water damage, which will cost you far more in the end. It is advisable to contact experts at Active Plumbing and let us inspect your property and keep you informed on the condition of your pipes and whether or not they need to be redone.


A single leaking pipe could be a warning sign that your whole plumbing system is starting to break down as it is most likely that all of the plumbing in your home or business was done at the same time. Contact a licensed plumber at the soonest possible time to address the issue at the least cost possible.

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