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Plastic Or Copper For Water Or Gas


Whats best for a water service? Copper pipes can suffer copper corrosion, plastic pipes can be damaged by rats. Both products are very good. Copper pipe when it is silver brazed will last for decades provided the corrrect gauge of pipe is used at Active Plumbing we use 19 swg pipe or table “B” type pipe table “A” being at the top of the list the thickest wall and table “D” being a thinner wall thickness. Very rarly copper pipe can suffer what is called copper corrosion, more information.

Plastic Pipes for water service supply. There are many brands of plastic pipes on the market today most new buildings are using some form of plastic pipe its cheap easy to fitt doesn’t suffer from water hammer like copper pipes do. On the downside it cannot be used to earth the electrical system it cannot be used externally and it is subseptable to damage from rats.

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