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Plumbing Certification

Plumbers play a vital role in the modern society. We install, maintain and repair pipes, and study building plans and specifications, as well as determine the right requirements for plumbing systems and materials. Plumbers should know how to work independently in various weather conditions. Before we became professional plumbers at Active Plumbing, we started our career through a plumbing apprenticeship. We were introduced to the tools, technology, and knowledge required to start our career in plumbing.


Plumbing is high job satisfaction profession for us as it is our passion to solve complex problems and work with our hands. We started our career through a plumbing apprenticeship, which ensured us to be well versed in the required skills, tools, technologies and knowledge to offer quality service to you. We were trained to work alone or with limited supervision. We were also taught in studying blueprints, liaising with clients, installing systems and monitoring or repairing existing systems.
Before gaining a career in Active Plumbing, we first needed to be certified with the right plumbing qualifications in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Now, we are well-educated and experienced plumbers who are licensed industrial plumbers, drainers, gasfitters, and roof plumbers.
Our plumbing apprenticeships take five to seven years of combined training in classes and on-the-job practical experience. After five to seven years, we then became fully qualified plumbers.


A certificate course allowed us to upskill our existing skill set quickly. Aside from being a requirement for most apprenticeship programs and licensing bodies, certificate courses also provided us with a basic knowledge of the industry and introduced us to some of the theories and skills we needed to maintain a prosperous career. Plumbing certificate courses also introduced us to essential skills ranging from customer service and liaison strategies to budgeting, project monitoring, and pricing. These were invaluable to our work and an excellent stepping-stone to a rewarding plumbing apprenticeship and possibly small business ownership.

Plumbing Skills and Responsibilities

To ensure a long and successful career in plumbing, we need a varied skillset and strong problem-solving abilities. Getting dirty and working long manual hours are both essential in the plumbing industry. They require high physical fitness, and the ability to work in varying conditions. Additionally, we need skills, such as logical thinking, flexibility, judgement, hand-eye coordination, reliable customer service, and depending on our position, reporting abilities.

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