About Us

photoHi my name is Les McIntosh I am the founder of Active Plumbing Service Pty Ltd also known as Active Plumbing. It was about 1978 that I became a Licensed plumber, after I completed my apprenticeship. I Starting off as a builders labourer, eventually managed to get started as a first year apprentice working for the union steam ship company of New Zealand . I moved on from this company to get more experience first of all working for a large construction plumbing company and then worked with two smaller firms and finally I finished my time with The Public works Department of New South Wales all of this experience gave me a very good grounding of the plumbing industry particularly the public works department where we were working on government buildings, I was taught by craftsmen how to do intricate pipe work the old traditional ways and the correct ways no short cuts all of this gave me a very good grounding in plumbing. In 1980 after working for myself for a few years I Started the company Active Plumbing Service Pty Ltd. Now after more than 40 years in the industry,we have a team of highly trained professional licensed plumbers.

We specialise in plumbing repairs. Over the years Active plumbing has worked mainly in the area of plumbing repairs and Maintenance. When all you do is plumbing repairs for 40 years you tend to get very very good at it.

We are a small family Business my wife Debbie and I work in the business we make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our work and that its truly value for money.

We found over the years that the most important thing was punctuality arriving on time, and courtesy. Its so important to do a good job, and its most important to clean up your mess, it’s being friendly and caring, clean and tidy be dressed in a uniform. But it’s most important not to waste people’s time we the retaliation that your time is valuable also.

From the moment you place your call with Active Plumbing to the time of completion of the work you and your premises will be treated with consideration and respect by me, my wife Debbie or any one of our highly trained Professionals.