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Toilet Systems


Professional and licensed plumbers at Active Plumbing have all your toilet system requirements covered, from new installations to leaking toilets and toilet repairs. Our dedicated team can get the job done on time, and we always guarantee quality service. Our service vehicles keep a wide range of frequently used parts to get your toilet fixed fast and with minimum fuss.
Whether you have a blocked toilet or leaking toilet, we can restore everything to working order. You may think that you have an unusual toilet systems problem, but we can surely fix it as we regularly see a variety of toilet plumbing issues such as constant running, toilet leaks, blocked toilet, broken toilet seat, cistern damaged or leaking, broken seal, flushing problem, leaking toilet tap, leaking pipe and more than you can imagine.


It may be simple to provide a solution to a leaking toilet tap, but a leak behind the toilet can usually go unnoticed for weeks. A leaking toilet will cost you a lot of money in your water bill over time. If you are not sure where the leak is coming from, give Active Plumbing a call, and we’ll get to the root of the problem.


Need a new toilet installation? We can install a range of new toilets, including invisible in-wall cistern toilets, wall hung toilet pans, integrated basin style cisterns, and wall faced toilets and more. We also fit bidets and urinals. We make sure that your new toilet is installed perfectly to make it lasts for many years without problems.


Modern dual-flush toilets can significantly reduce the water bill in your home or business, especially if you have more than one toilet. Upgrading from a single flush model to a 4-star dual flush toilet can decrease each flush by around 10 litres. With dual flush toilet systems, not only that you help save the environment, but you will also enjoy much lower water bill than using a single flush unit.


If your toilet has been in your home or office for quite some time, then we can help you prevent any problems that may occur shortly. Before the situation becomes messy and unpleasant, call Active Plumbing as soon as possible. Let us go in and take care of your toilet maintenance. Our team is available when you call, so there is no reason to wait for the unsanitary conditions to come in your toilet systems. Call us right away, and we will come and sort you out.

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