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Toilet Installation

Toilets deteriorate after some time of use like all things. Active Plumbing can help with your toilet installation requirements. Perhaps, you are now experiencing a malfunctioning toilet, and you are not sure what’s wrong with it. Or maybe you want to experience the latest technology in toilet within your home or business.
The toilet is one of the most critical parts of any plumbing fixture. A slightly not perfect installation can lead to a lot of issues down the road. Active Plumbing takes the time and care to ensure everything fits the tee perfectly. You get a peace of mind because you never have to think about your toilet again. If you need toilet installation or repair in home, office or business, the Active Plumbing are the licensed professionals you all need to call.


Not sure what toilet technology best suits you? Let us help you factor all aspects in new toilet installation, such as water efficiency, budget, and space. Toilets come in all styles and designs, so if you don’t have a toilet suite yet, we can help you pick the one that suits your home or office best. Active Plumbing is reliable and trustworthy. We are more than capable of taking care all toilet installation work you need for your home or business. Call us today and talk to one of our professionals.


There are four main types of toilet suites on the market today:
Close coupled toilet – The design is prevalent wherein the cistern sits directly above the toilet pan.
Wall faced toilet – The cistern of this toilet is hidden, and the toilet flush is placed against the surface of the wall.
Back to wall toilet – No visible pipes and the toilet suite and cistern are attached to the bathroom wall.
Wall hung toilet – Similar to the wall faced style, but it is fixed directly to the wall. Wall hung toilet is the most expensive and stylish option.


If you want to replace your existing toilet and swop it out without any other work, we need to determine what type of toilet outlet you have, whether S trap or P trap. S strap toilets empty through the floor, while P strap toilet pipes exit through the wall. Since a toilet is part of your plumbing system, you need to use a licensed and qualified plumber.
When it comes to hiring a plumber, make sure you hire one from Active Plumbing. Our plumbers are licensed, insured to work your home or business, does the job as fast as possible, and can provide a written quote.

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