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Sewer Pipe Cleaning


Have you heard a gurgling noise from your drain or experienced a recurring bad smell in your toilet or bathroom? Or perhaps you also noticed abnormal water level in your toilet and your sink is taking longer to drain than usual. These are all signs that you need sewer pipe cleaning. Not having a proper sewer drain can cause significant problems with your waste from your house to sewer pipes. It is something that only a specialist in sewer pipe cleaning can solve as health precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of the cleaner.


What to expect when you call one of the experts in sewer pipe cleaning at Active Plumbing?

  • We can get the job done fast – We can get to you quickly and remove your blockage fast.
  • We can prevent the same problem from happening again for many years – Our drain camera allows us to locate the source of the problem and offers you the right solution.
  • Sewer pipe cleaning experts – Our experienced staff are registered plumbers and highly trained in sewer pipe cleaning.
  • Rates are all-inclusive, open and honest.
  • Save you time and money – Our technology can empty your pipe without the need to dig up your property we can sometimes recommend to reline your drains from within. No Dig technology is faster and cheaper than digging up your drains in some instances. The best thing is that we offer manufacturer’s warranty on drain relining material.
  • The high-tech approach allows us to clear sewer pipe without damage to gardens, driveways.


Our reputation to our clients is the most important aspect of our business. It is the reason we offer customers our guarantee of quality for every sewer pipe cleaning service job, no matter what size. Our goal is always to provide the highest levels of customer service. In case our sewer pipe cleaning needs replacement materials, we guarantee that we use durable and fit-for-purpose ones. And our equipment is the latest in the industry to ensure that our clients get the best possible job for the lowest possible price. We also ensure that your site is left without debris or mess, even cleaner than we found it.

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