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Replacing a Toilet

Toilet issues can cause a great deal of trouble in a household, regardless of the problem. Fortunately, Active Plumbing is here to help as qualified technicians with fully equipped service vehicles ready to take on any toilet system problems. We inspect and find the cause of the issue and offer you with a fixed price to carry out the best solution. Proper installation is the most crucial part. A slightly less than perfect installation can lead to a significant issue eventually. If you choose licensed plumbers at Active Plumbing to get the job done for you, you will have a worry-free future of your toilet. We do everything to ensure everything is fit together correctly.


We have fully qualified, licensed toilet plumbers who can come to your home or business on time. It makes no difference what model or brand of toilet suite you like us to replace. Our licensed toilet specialists have vast experience and latest equipment to be able to install any toilet suites. Depending on your requirements, we can either replace your entire toilet suite, your toilet bowl only, or toilet cistern alone. If you don’t have a toilet suite yet, that is not a problem as we have access to all of the leading brands of toilet suites in the country. Your attending professional toilet plumber can discuss your options and install your toilet suite to your requirements.


We have served a number of customers who only want to install just a new toilet cistern or a toilet bowl. Different cisterns and bowls are very challenging to make them work together, especially in replacing a single flush cistern with a dual flush. With our experience and right tools, we can quickly and efficiently replace either toilet cistern or toilet bowl, depending on which one you need. We take time to ensure that all factors are considered in replacing a toilet cistern or toilet bowl, including your bathroom floor and wall.


Many factors to consider in replacing a new toilet and cistern. From buying the right fittings to ensuring you have all the correct connections are just some things to keep in mind when replacing a toilet. We only offer the best service with the best price of our professional service. We make sure your toilet is installed correctly the first time and will last for many years. When you are ready to replace your toilet or just planning to install a new one, you can call us, and we’ll come to your home or business day or night, holiday or workday.

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