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Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining for Sewer and Drainage Applications.

Relining for plumbing services was first painted in 1977 it was invented in England in 1971 by Eric Wood the method of pipe relining close by using the method of dragging a liner coated with resin inside a drainage pipe so as to avoid the replacement of the cracked or damaged sewer pipe. The advantage of using this method is to avoid the cost of digging up expensive driveways or landscaped gardens.

The process consists of installing a liner inside and existing sewer or stormwater pipeline and attaching the liner to the inside of the pipe using a resin to adhere to the pipe.

Relining is most advantages when pipes run under roadways. Avoiding the cost of traffic management, when digging up roadways, with relining this can be totally avoided.

Small sections of pipe can also be relined the advantage being it avoids excavation.

However it’s not for every single pipe replacement it is much more expensive to do pipe relining than excavation and replacement in most cases except where the excavation of a gardens and driveways and that type of thing it’s more cost effective than having to replace expensive landscaping or decorative concreting for instance.

Another advantage of pipe relining is the fact that it is laid in continual length so we don’t have any joins in the pipe relining and this is an advantage. Where there are no joints is there is less chance of tree root ingress, the chance of tree roots penetrating the pipes and causing damage.

Another advantage is time it takes much less time to do a pipe a reline than it does to do an excavation and r relaying of drainage pipes.

Another advantage of pipe relining is that they are very durable most pipe relining jobs can be given a 25 year warranty.

These days there are different materials which can be used for the pipe relining for example Silicate, Epoxy, Polyester, Vinyl Ester, and Resin.

Pipelining can be done for both commercial and domestic applications.

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