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Other Plumbing Services

Active Plumbing provides the following services.

  • Draining and Blocked Drains We use using high pressure eater jet drain clearing machines to clear blockages fast and trim back tree roots drain Cameras can also be used to check the condition of pipes internally to check for breaks in the pipes. Damaged sections of drains can also be replaced using Plastic pipes and fittings. The Rigid 1500 mechanical drain clearing machines can also be used. We can also install a gully for a swimming pool or move a sewer line or gully for an extension or swimming pool for further information please see our Drainage page.
  • Tap repairs only by using top quality components do you get a lasting result using the hydroseal method. Using quality hydroseal products when finished you do not have to turn the taps off hard Just touch it and it turns off, if the taps are worn or unserviceable, we’ll replace then. For more information on Please go to the hydroseal web site.
  • Tap Installations. We can supply many different brands of taps. Supply and install sink mixers or basin mixers for that new vanity basin or a mew set of shower taps and bath taps. For further information see our product page
  • Basins and Vanities. We can replace your old vanity or basin with a new one. . For further information see our product page:
  • Dialysis Plumbing At Active plumbing we are experienced in setting up plumbing systems for special needs such as dialysis, which can be done at home rather than going to a hospital. Home Dialysis Plumbing
  • Hot Water Heater replacements and repairs. We can change thermostats and elements, pressure relief valves, chance anodes, also thermocouples on the gas units we also, install pressure limiting valves and tempering valves.

Hot water heater brands we can supply. Rheem, Dux,Vulcan, Aquamax, Rinnai, Hot water heaters.

We can usually do a replacement within the same day. For More information see our hot water page.

Gasfitting. Natural and LP Gas. Using only Quality new materials and table “B” copper pipe “A” being the top rating. Silver brazing to join the pipes. Locating and repairing gas leaks using the most up to date leak tracing methods, we can run a new gas service. Set up commission and install a new gas stove, or a bayonet point for a room heater a gas light gas to a central heating unit what ever the application. One of our highly trained team will be able to help you with your gasfitting needs.

Water service Replacements and repairs. We can trace and find a concealed leak in the ground or in a wall using the latest leak tracing and finding equipment. Once found we can repair re rout or replace the damaged section of pipe. We only use quality table “B” Copper pipe and new fitting and use silver brazing process to join pipes. We can also repair plastic pipe we use and recommend the rehau plastic pipe and suitable fittings. All repair work is covered for your piece of mind under our 18 months written guarantee.

Freezing a 20mm copper waterpipe before the meter tap to stop the water supply so the meter tap could be repaired, this method is used to stop the water flow , to carry out repairs, where a main tap is inaccessable, or it is impractable to shut it down.

The damaged section as seen below is can then be replaced, with a new tap and pipe section.

  • Toilet repairs and replacements. We can change that drab old toilet cistern for a new cistern and seat combination at the same time we can change the old filler pipe and tap. Or the whole top and bottom pan and cistern to a more modern style. Or just a repair replaces the inlet or outlet valves or a leaking rubber. See our product range for more details
  • Leaking showers We can test for leaks in the pipe work behind the wall and to see if the shower is in fact leaking. If the shower is leaking it can be repaired by one of two methods.
  • By sealing and re grouting the shower without tile removal.
  • Or by removing the tiles and installing a waterproof membrane.
  • Water Tanks and recycling green plumbing. We can install a new watertank for you to help you harvest rain water for household usage connect tank water to the home and also use the use in combination of your existing domestic water connection. Re cycling waste water from the laundry can also be done using modern approved recycling methods. See our product range for more details
  • Handyman Services. Some times going hand in hand its good to have a good handyman around to take care of those tricky installations of say a new basin or when installing a dishwasher the cupboard may need modifying to fit the new appliance or a gas cook top the bench top may need modifying for the new appliance.
  • Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections.You could save thousands with our pre purchase inspection service Before you sign on the dotted line have your new property checked for costly plumbing defects.
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