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Garbage Disposal


Is your garbage disposal not working properly? Are you hearing gurgling and scraping noises? Having non-responsive garbage disposal systems? Not draining? Noticing unpleasant smells emanating from your drains? Then, it is the right time to call Active Plumbing for fast, efficient garbage disposal services, including, replacement or installation. When getting issues with your garbage disposal, do not put your hands in it. Call a professional to take care of your problem before it could lead to large-scale issues such as flooding and backflow problems down the track.
Many homes are equipped with modern garbage disposal systems. These devices are installed inside the plumbing connected to kitchen sink through a series of whirring blades. These blades will shred large pieces of food and other debris to be safely washed down the drain instead of storing them in trash containers. At Active Plumbing, we install all makes of garbage disposals from residential models to massive commercial foodservice disposers.


We understand the frustration it may cause of a jammed or broken garbage disposal as it may disturb your daily routine completely. Greases, meats, fats, vegetable peels and other fibrous materials can make garbage disposal get clogged. Some foods can cause immediate jamming of your garbage disposals motor as well. Waste disposal failure may also cause bad odours. If you experienced such issues, call Active Plumbing today, and we will come to the rescue. We have fully licensed technicians with advanced tools and vast technical knowledge to service or replace your garbage disposal.


Garbage disposal servicing should be carried out quickly before it can cause a bigger problem and more hassle on your part. Fortunately, we can usually fix any jammed or blockage problem with your garbage disposal or provide you expert advice whether it is more beneficial to upgrade to a new installation. We have years of experience with this modern machine in a variety of brands and models. Don’t try doing a repair if you are not sure about the problem. Performing a repair without enough knowledge and equipment may burn up the motor, and you may need a new installation instead of just a service. You can save time and money by contacting professional plumber from Active Plumbing.

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