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Drain Unblocker


With Active Plumbing, you get years of combined experience in drain unblocking and exceptional plumbing service. We specialised in unblocking drains, cleaning gross pollutant traps, clearing blockages in storm-water lines and pits, as well as sewer, removing silt, fat and other debris, root cutting, preventive maintenance and among others that involve drain unblocking. We are just a phone call away and guarantee you the high availability of all plumbing services, systems and expertise.


At Active Plumbing, we are updated with the latest technologies for clearing and cleansing pipes, culverts, drains and sewers. Our high-pressure jetting services are capable of unblocking drain from 40mm diameter. Let our drain unblocker specialists fix your blocked drains fast. Contact Active Plumbing right now to see how we can help you with your blocked drain and let your drain systems function as efficiently as possible.
Clearing a blocked drain is a relatively simple job for our team of drain unblocker professionals because we have the right tools and expertise. Our expert drainage plumbers know very well how to use our jet blasters to shoot at high pressure down the sewer or drains or cable machines. Most blockages can be cleared with our high-powered blast or cable machine.The fastest way to know the cause of the remaining blockage after jet blasting is using a drain inspection camera. Once we know the cause of the obstruction, we explain your best options. If tree roots are the culprit of the problem, then we remove them using the cutting head on the jet blaster of tree root cutter with cable machine. If a collapsed pipe is causing the drain blockage, we can organise pipe relining or replacement. Our drain unblocker specialists can help you with everything when it comes to clogged drains.


We offer on-time service, competent job, and fair price all the time. We are a team of reliable drain unblocker professionals ready to help you take care of any drain issues. We can get to you and fix your blockage fast. Once thorough assessments are done, we offer you long-term options, including preventing the obstructions from happening again.
We can clear your blocked drains, blocked sewer, baths, basins, showers, toilets, kitchen sinks, insinkerators, laundry troughs, floor wastes and stormwater drains, downpipes, vents, traps & pits. Our drain unblocker licensed professionals can find and fix drain problems that general plumbers can’t. Call Active Plumbing today phone 1300462284 and experience our efficient and polite service that will surely make you smile.

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