Continious Flow Hot Water Systems

Continious flow gas hot water systems.
The Rinnai Infinity In the early 1990’s Rinnai launched the first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system in Australia. Appropriately named the Rinnai INFINITY because it never ran out of hot water, it not only revolutionised the market, but also domestic hot water as we then knew it!

Rinnai is proud to still be the No.1 choice of continuous flow hot water systems for Australian families. Today, our products are even more sophisticated – designed with the environment in mind with our low emission burners and high efficiencies. The Rinnai INFINITY continues to provide endless hot water and when combined with Water Controllers, offers a host of safety benefits and convenience features. for further information please click here Rinnai.


We have supplied and installed hundreds of these units over the years, originaly we supplied and installed the rinnai room heaters, they were and still are the best systems around, when the hot water heaters came out we started supplying and installing them, and they were as good as the room heaters highly recomended.