Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs and Replacements.

We recieve many calls from our customers regarding leaking or running cisterns or the toilet pans are loose, of there are smells coming fromm the toilet.

If the toilet cistern is very old and it is a plastic cistern, it may rneed to be replaced with a modern style dual flush style cistern. Most quality cisterns come with a new seat and link, so as well as repairing the problem they will improve the appearance of your toilet, also a good idea to replace the filler pipe and the mini tap with a 1/4 turn type oftern these components can also leak at a future time, if the pan is old best to use a cistern with a 6, 3 litre capacity flush.

To use a lower capacity cisturn you would also neet to change the toilet pan.

A Verona cistern and seat.
The Installation of a link toilet Suite video.