Repair a Leak in City of Maroondah

One of the most destructive and dangerous plumbing problems are water and gas leaks. We at Active Plumbing offer leak detection and repairs for both gas or water. A minor leak in your pipes can lead to a flood if left unattended and even a slight leak in a gas line can result in suffocation, explosion and fire. However, you don’t need to worry these issues as we have access to professionals with state-of-the-art equipment designed to detect leaks and repair them before they cause significant damage. To provide you additional peace of mind, you can trust Active Plumbing to do a preventative maintenance service to fix small issues before they become deadly disasters.

Why Choose Active Plumbing?

• Efficient Service – We are composed of dedicated licensed plumbers who can offer consistency in service delivery with a commitment to providing the best options for you all the time.
• Licensed Professionals – Gas and water leak detection and repair should only be done by licensed tradesmen. Active Plumbing licensed and experienced plumbers have received the best possible training in the industry to provide plumbing services such as repairing a leak.
• Affordability – Our price ranges are very affordable and transparent. You will not be charged for something that you don’t know. The exact cost will be discussed with you before the start of every project. Absolutely no surprises when it comes to our pricing structures.
• Service Guarantee – We are confident with our expertise and experience in the plumbing industry. For this reason, we have the confidence to offer a service guarantee to all work that we have done.
You may see leaks as harmless, but the consequences can be more terrible than you ever imagined, so don’t leave your leaks alone. Our gas and water leak repair service will surely save your money in the long run and keep yourself safe on your property.

Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

If you receive a strange high gas bill or smell gas, then you have a gas leak. Call Active Plumbing , and we will send you right away one of our licensed gas fitters at your place to locate the gas leak and repair it. We offer gas leak detection professionals , diagnosis and repair of gas hot water service, gas pipe, gas oven, cook top, and gas heater.

Repair A Water Leak

Active Plumbing knows the potential damage a burst pipe can bring to your property, so we have made our plumbing services accessible. Whenever you need a burst pipe repair, our nearest plumbers are always ready to offer a fast and efficient service and help you back on track at the soonest possible time.
Contact Active Plumbing for water and gas leaks, and we’ll send the first available expert plumber to your area to fix the plumbing issue.
Suburbs we service:
Bayswater North, Croydon, Burnt Bridge, Nelsons Hill, Clifford Park, Croydon Hills, Croydon North, Croydon South, Heathmont, Eastwood, Kilsyth South, Ringwood, Heathwood, Cherrydene, Ringwood East, Bedford Road, Ringwood North, Warranwood, Norwood