Gas Water Heater Installation St George

How to Install a Gas Hot Water Heater

When your old water heater starts to leak, make sure that you replace it quickly, it might be best to seek the assistance of an experienced plumber. In fact, even if you don’t need a new water heater right now, you most likely will within the next few years. This is because water heaters only tend to last between 7 to 15 years. Active Plumbing can help you select the appropriate hot water heater and install it for you usually same day, what we need to do.

Remove the Old Gas Hot Water Heater

First we Turn off the gas and the water supply. Next, turn on all the hot water taps in the house. Use a garden hose to drain the tank entirely. Pipes tend to be hard-plumbed, which means that we may have to cut the connection. Disconnect the pipes and remove the water heater. They can be heavy.

Connect the Water Supply

We place your new water heater into a drain pan or safe tray. Line-up the current plumbing to the water heater’s inlet and outlet connectors. Making sure we leave enough space between the wall and the water heater for future maintenance. Drain the cold and hot water line threads. Attach the hot and cold water supply connection. Some areas demand the use of dielectric nipples (which are meant to lessen the corrosion between 2 different metals and prolong the life of the water heater) between the water heater and the water line.

Install the Flue Piping

Affix the flue on top of the water heater. Check the instructions that came with your new water heater, because the process depends on the manufacturer. Make sure that the Flue is in its proper place. With adjustable vent pipe, insert one end into the water heater and start connecting the other pipe sections. Adjust the elbows before installing to let the vent pipe align as straight as possible, secure the vent sections to the water heater and the other areas.

Install the Gas Connection

We first, make sure that the gas supply is turned off. With a wire brush, clean the pipe fitting on the supply pipe. Flush the line by opening and closing the tap. Get rid of the sticker and plug on the gas control tap, where the gas line will connect. Loosen the gas nipple on the gas line. Paint pipe joint compound on the thread of the gas nipple. Connect the gas nipple into the gas control tap. Using a wrench, tighten the gas nipple. Next, link the gas connector line to the gas line and the water heaters gas control tap and check for leaks.

Fill the Tank

Get rid the aerator from the nearest tap and open the hot side. Gradually turn on the main water supply and examine connections along the water heater for leaks. If there are no leaks, fill the tank. Otherwise, turn off the water supply and gently tighten the connections. Repeat until the connections are secure. Check and commission the new hot water heater.

All work of this type must be done by a licensed plumber and gasfitter.

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