Drain Camera City of Greater Dandenong

Doing a Camera Inspection of a Drainage System

With the advent of closed circuit television (CCTV) technology for plumbing, checking the condition of underground sewer or stormwater drainage systems has never been detailed, accurate, and fast. Using the most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment, our plumbers at Active Plumbing will let you see the results for yourself on DVD, prepared by qualified plumbers who are experts in CCTV drain inspection and reporting.

What Will You Find With The CCTV Drain Camera

Our fully qualified licensed blocked drain professionals will do the camera inspection of your drainage system. No one can see underground where possible drain blockage is taking place as fast, detailed, and accurate as the CCTV drain camera. Guessing work in finding the location of a drain blockage is the thing of the past. Our cameras are also equipped with sensors that will allow us to locate exactly your drains and map out their layout. Once we know the source of the problem, we remove the blockage using high-powered equipment that can cut through tree roots and any obstructions.
Our CCTV video inspection equipment can be fed into existing pipework, allowing professional plumbers to inspect and identify areas of concern or interest. Doing a camera inspection of a drainage system is an efficient, cost effective way of locating or identifying any issues with pipes that are not readily exposed or assessed.

Why You Need A CCTV Inspection?

All blocked drain problems can lead to further issues, such as rising damp or flooding in your outdoor or underneath your house. Additionally, they’re all quite challenging and very costly to locate without the help of a CCTV drain camera inspection since the next easiest way is to excavate the entire length of the affected drain and check every area manually. Contact Active Plumbing now to hire blocked drain experts.

Most Common Problem in A Drainage System

In our many years of experience, we have determined the most common problems in a drainage system:

  • Foreign objects in the drain;
  • The drain has broken;
  • Misaligned drains;
  • Roots have grown into the drain and formed a large fibrous mass;
  • Crushed pipe work;
  • Drains with black fall and pipe work that has dropped;
  • Collapsed drains.

Suburbs we service:
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