Blocked Drain Pressure Cleaning City of Hobsons Bay

Clearing a Blocked Drain with High-Pressure Water Jet

Techniques in fixing your plumbing problems have evolved over the years. Clearing a blocked drain with high-pressure water jet allows professional plumbers to clear your blocked drain in a shorter time . At Active Plumbing, we invested in high-pressure water jet to flush debris and build up away rather than only moving it further down the line. The high-pressure water jet ensures the pipe is left entirely clear, minimising the chance or a recurring problem.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Jetting?

Water jetting has been an innovation in plumbing. Plumbers can see the interior of your pipe using CCTV pipe inspections after clearing any blockages with high-pressure water jetting technology. With the combination of CCTV pipe inspections and high-pressure water jetting technology, the burden of repeat blockages or costly plumbing emergency is significantly reduced.

What Can Water Jetting Do?

Water jetting can clean your pipes thoroughly and move any debris in the attached access pit for vacuum collection. It can further:

  • Pulverise tree roots;
  • Flush all causes of blockages out of your pipes;
  • Penetrate and emulsify grease;
  • Break through any thick, viscous matters and foreign materials.

High-pressure water jet blasting is usually applied to get a more thorough CCTV pipe inspection afterwards. It allows licensed technicians to identify any corrosion, damage, or pin hole leaks that may be associated with blocked drains or other plumbing issues.

Electric Eel Vs. High Pressure Water Jet

Plumbers had used electric eel for many years to clear blocked drains, but with the arrival of water jetter, the electric eel has since put into retirement as it is proven that high pressure water jet did the job better to remove a blocked drain. At Active Plumbing, we have high pressure water jetters and CCTV drain cameras. Indeed, the water jet drain cleaner outperforms the electric eel on a number of levels.

  • Speed – The high-pressure water jet is faster to set up and remove blockages in drains.
  • Clearing roots – The water jetter blasts the roots off with high pressure of water while the electric eel tares at roots within the pipe, which will just leave a large percentage of roots in the pipe.
  • Blocked storm water – Most storm water drains are blocked with silt, and electric eel is not designed to remove it from the drain. The water jet, meanwhile, can blast out all the silt and dirt from the drain.
  • Access – The water jet enables access through small access points because it only uses a ¼ inch hose to send down the drain while the electric eel is cumbersome and challenging to move around in an area with limited access.

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