Gas Cook Top Plumber City of Monash

Installing A Gas Cook Top

Homeowners who want instant adjustability and reasonable cost in their cooktop prefer gas cooktop over electric and induction. Installing a gas cooktop or oven is easy with professional gas fitters at Active Plumbing. We work according to your needs, including the type, size, and brand of Natural Gas or LPG cooker you want to get in your home. We install a gas stove, gas cooktop, gas cooker or a gas oven.
Our experienced gas fitters can help you choose the cut-out size for your cooktop, which is ideally 20mm to 40mm smaller than the overall dimension. It is ideal to look for a gas cooktop that has the same size or slightly larger than your existing cooktop as it is easy to trim a bit more bench top to make it fit.

Gas Cook Top Installation Requirements

Licensed gas fitters are familiar with natural gas also LPG and installation of both Natural gas and LPG gas cookers. If LPG or natural gas is not yet installed at your home, we will install a gas regulator, gas bottle connectors, and the piping where necessary. Requirements for installing a gas cook top should be followed. Your licensed gas fitter would be familiar with all of these requirements, such as:

  • Walls surrounding the cooktop should be heat resistant to at least 150mm high.
  • Clearance under the cooktop should be observed under manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The bottom of the cooktop should not be touched from inside a cabinet or operable drawer. If it can be touched, then a safety barrier must be installed to avoid or prevent human contact.
  • Aside from following the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, your gas appliance should be in accordance to Australian Standard AS5601 for Gas Installations.

Gas Fitting Specialists

Active Plumbing is your local gasfitting specialist that can also take any emergency gas leak or any kind of malfunctions. We could install and commission any gas installations, whether run by LPG or natural gas. We also specialise in fitting brand-new gas hotplates or accessories. Enable us to come to your house as well as give you the very best and the safest gas cook top installation job.

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