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Guide to Renewing a Drainage Line

Your plumbing and sewer system has probably stayed an unchanging part of your house from the time it was built. This indicates that unless you reside in a brand new home, your sewer and drain pipes are very old and perhaps struggling with a few issues. If you own an older home, it is highly most likely that you will encounter a drain or sewage system line problem at some time. Major drainage line problems can be prevent by changing old pipe work well before any signs of damage begin to appear.

Renewing your old pipe work is a great preventative measure to avoid bursting or leaking pipes. In certain instances, it is necessary to excavate and renew a drain instead relining it. For instance, this is preferable if you want to improve the design or flow characteristics or if there such a severe damage that renewal is the only option. Professional plumbers like Active Plumbing can renew almost any type of water or drainage piping including the installation of new soak-aways and water mains, and addressing collapsed drains.

Methods for Renewing Drainage Lines

The primary methods for renewing a sewer connection from the home to where the home sewer line meets the main sewer line are:

  • Open Trenching – Existing sewer lines are excavated and replaced. Roads, sidewalks, yards, driveways, and landscaping may be disturbed when this process is being done. Repairs can also be labor-extensive and expensive because they require hand digging within the other utility lines or roots.
  • Pipe Bursting – Existing pipes are used to lay in new sewer lines. Pipe bursting requires a relatively shorter amount of time, but is dependent on particular conditions in order to be effective. First, the old pipe must be relatively straight. Second, the existing line must not have any dips, bends, and blockages. Third, there must be adequate space on the private property to dig a launch pit in order to install the new pipe.
  • Pipe Relining – Existing sewer lines are repaired temporarily until a more permanent solution can be done. This is often employed when the other methods cannot be used, or when a two line sewer connection is not available. It requires minimal excavation. However, relined pipes are approximately half as durable as pipes that have been completely renewed.

Costs of Renewing a Drainage Line

The average cost to repair a sewer main is $2,339, although you could spend anywhere between $1,047 and $3,715, depending on the kind of damage. A drainage line renewal, on the other hand, can cost $2,000.00-$10,000 or more depending on the length and depth of the present pipes and the ease of access.

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