Blocked Drains Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Not just clearing a blocked drain, at Active Plumbing we try to identify the cause of the blockage and offer a solution to the problem.

Most blocked drains are caused by tree roots in the drainage system, the tree roots can be removed by various methods.

Years ago before mechanical machinery was invented, plumbers and drainers would use hand rods to clear drains, digging down to the drain to expose the pipe and reveal an inspection opening then following up with the tedious job of insertion of hand rods into the drain and working the rods by hand moving along the line, excavating again finding another inspection opening downstream or upstream and continuing to work this way till the blockage was eventually cleared. It could take several days at times just to clear a drain using this method. If there were problems with the drainage line say the pipes were collapsed or broken, the drains would have to be dug up by hand and replaced.

Today we have a variety of different machines that can be used to clear blockages.

1. There are the cable machines such as the Ridgid 1500 or the Electric Eel. These machine use an electric motor to turn cables which are inserted one by one into the drain via an access point basically they are a mechanical rodding machine using a machine to drive steel drain clearing rods. Various attachments can be placed on the leading rod for different types of blockages.

2. The next innovation is the high pressure water jet machine. This is a little like using your garden hose to clear a drain except its using very high water usually around 5000 kpa pressure at these high pressures the machine can cut through tree roots. These machines are very effective with most blockages particularly with a build up of grease in the sewer line or other blockages not related to tree roots. The high pressure washing water jet or jet blasters are quicker to set up and operate than the mechanical machine but have a higher operating cost than the mechanical machine.

3. Camera inspection. Usually once a drain is cleared we cannot be certain what caused the blockage. To investigate what is happening inside your drainage system, we will need to have the drain inspected, this can be done by excavating the line (not recommended unless it is obvious where the collapsed line or broken pipes are) or inspected with a drain cctv camera this will usually reveal the cause of the blockage and its location. To get a clear picture of the line it must be cleared first.

Blockages can be caused by tree roots, pipes having incorrect fall or having back fall. If tree roots are entering the drains they usually enter through cracks in the pipes or broken sections of the drainage line.

If you have tree roots in your drainage line they will come back even after cleaning they will continue to grow and cause more damage. Root foam can be used to reduce the growth. But eventually replacement or relining will be necessary. It is also recommended to remove any trees which are effecting your drains. We are often asked if we will guarantee the drain will not block after clearing, drains will often block again after clearing if the drainage lines are damaged, you will sometimes get some relief for some years at times, if the drains are only slightly damaged or broken pipes are not obstructing the flow of waste down the drain, but eventually as the tree roots grow back they will severely damage the drains.

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