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How to Re-Seat a Tap

A dripping tap cannot always be fixed by just fitting a new washer. In some instances, the valve seat can get damaged. The valve seat refer to the surface that the washer closes onto when the tap is closed. The pressure of the water under the washer attempts to push itself between the seat and washer. Progressively, the water wears away the brass seat. Small channels are created in the seat which permits the water to pass through the washer and seat leading to the drip in the tap. This can get worse in homes that have hard water.

When this happens, re-seating the tap can be the perfect solution. Just keep in mind that dealing with water can be very dangerous so do not take any chances. A flooded house will definitely cost you a lot more than a plumber, so it is better to ask professionals like Active Plumbing to help you out if you do not know what you are doing! Keep in mind that a professional plumber will possess the necessary skills, equipment, and experience to ensure that the issue gets fixed in no time at all. Here is a quick guide to re-seating a tap.

Tap Re-Seating Kit

The concept of reseating the tap is basically done to resurface the tap and ensure that the washer tightly sealed in order to avoid any leakages. However, before you can get this done you need to have a tap reseating kit. You can purchase the kit from your local hardware store. Enclosed in the kit are detailed instructions that will help you properly repair a leaking tap.

Re-Seating a Tap

Shut off the water system to the tap. Then, get the head or handle of the tap. Sometimes, you will see a screw under a decorative piece of plastic or chrome. Using a spanner, unfasten the tap cartridge. Find which screw thread holder for the tap appropriates for your tap re-seater. Verify which re-seater blade is appropriate for the seat you are attempting to fix. Next, assemble your tap re-seating tool appropriately and place into the tap.

To tighten the blade on the re-seater thread, turn the grinder. This makes sure that the blade will not fall off. Keep turning up until you make sure that any chinks on the seat are totally gotten rid of. Switch on water just a little to get rid of the brass shavings. Then, shut off water and re-assemble tap. Ensure that you look for leaks and you’re done.

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