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Got a burst pipe or water leak? Call Active Plumbing today and let our licensed burst pipe specialists repair or quote on your problem. If you discover a burst pipe or perhaps your water bill is inexplicably higher, it is time to call a professional plumber you can rely on. We can fix, repair, replace or even re-route your pipes. We have the equipment and expertise to locate the source of the issue and offer a solution to all your burst pipes. The sooner we attend your burst pipes, the more you save money on your water and energy bills.

Causes of Burst Pipe

There are different reasons a pipe may burst or crack. Water freezing is a common cause of burst pipe during the winter. Even though in areas that do not tend to dip below freezing, the pipes can burst if there is a sudden temperature drop.
Tree root is also a common cause of pipes breaking. Tree roots, by their nature, grow in the direction of the water. Roots usually wrap around the pipes if a connection is loose or have a point of weakness, causing the pipes to burst.
Older homes often have galvanised steel pipes, which can eventually corrode and break.
Another cause of burst pipe can be a pipe collapsing because of environmental factors. Construction nearby may move soil weight around and onto your pipes, which will then crack and burst.

Results Of A Burst Pipe

There is a variety of effects of a pipe breaking down and bursting. A burst pipe may cause a flooded basement, where homeowners often store important documents as well as printed photos or photo albums of treasured moments. Leaking water may also damage electronic devices, such as laptops, personal computers, and televisions.

Right Thing To Do In the Case of a Burst Pipe

If you experience water pressure loss, strange noises from the plumbing system, or electrical outages, there’s a chance you have a pipe leaking. Look around your walls, floors and ceilings for water spots. Burst pipes can cause damage to your home and keepsakes. The easiest way to find out the severity of the leak and to prevent spending more money for the property repair is to call a licensed plumber at Active Plumbing as soon as possible before the water pressure can build up and possibly explode.

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