Plumber Hamlyn Heights

Plumber Hamlyn Heights
Active Plumbing has been all over Sydney and Melbourne having been established in 1980 and has also been concentrating in different suburbs including Hamlyn Heights. With our attention given to Hamlyn Heights, we are able to provide faster and better service. Our company is so diverse with specialisation in:

  • Office building plumbing maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • Industrial building plumbing requirements.
  • Commercial building plumbing needs.
  • Residential and high rise building plumbing service.

We put your concern above the rest as we do our very best to make you satisfied with our services and work. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and method in plumbing so, we can assure that you’ll get right solutions the first time, all the time.
Comprehensive Plumbing Services In Hamlyn Heights

  • General plumbing.
  • Roofing repairs.
  • Backflow prevention and testing.
  • Laundry, bathroom and kitchen renovations.
  • Solar hot water and heat pumps repair, maintenance or installation.
  • Unblocked drains, sewers and stormwaters.
  • Burst pipe repair.
  • Hot water system repair, maintenance or replacement.

Emergency Plumber Hamlyn Heights

If you are currently in need of a plumber, contact us now by calling our number and one of our professionals will carefully listen your emergency needs. Should you allow us to inspect the problem, we can immediately send a plumber through our fully equipped van. Leaking in the middle of the night? No problem as our vans are equipped with necessary tools and supplies. Allow us to be your number one choice when it comes to local plumber in Hamlyn Heights and we guarantee quality service, premium work at fair price.

Blocked Drains?

You may be thinking that clearing blocked drain is a simple task. Well, not all. Some blockage may cause more damage if remove without proper method and right tool. We are blocked drain specialists and our van is fully loaded with necessary supplies and equipment. We can also clean blocked stormwater drains using the latest drain cleaner that effectively remove dirt, leaves and silt using high pressure water.